Weekend Double Bill At The Podcast On Fire Network!


Back in the saddle to discuss Hong Kong cinema classics (or not) but rather Hong Kong cinema’s prolific movies and filmmakers and the selection this is time Kenny B’s. We’ll be talking the box office smash
and Best Picture winner at that year’s Hong Kong Film Awards: Jackie Chan’s Police Story (1985). Leave no glass or glass table unsmashed! Also in the second half, a personal favourite of Tsui
Hark’s, the one he’s described as starting everything: 1984’s Shanghai Blues. Click image or link below to access the show!

Podcast On Fire 165: Police Story & Shanghai Blues

Let’s talk fucking that happened for real once again! But also award winning fucking…again. Like on our The Untold Story & The Rapist episode,
we’re heading into areas where Hong Kong filmmakers took real life
crimes and depicted those stories on the big screen and once again, one
of those efforts got an award. This episode Sleazy K and The Great Lord
Joshua Regal are therefore talking Clarence Fok’s Remains Of A Woman and Cha Chuen-yee’s Legal Innocence, and the real crime and court case movies are based on. Click image or link below to access the show!

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