The End. But Not Really.

ANNOUNCEMENT! The video review portion of (and as a result will be discontinued for the time being. Acting as an alternative and complement to the written, it was never meant to be in high production values but initially racked up decent viewing numbers. Neither views or monetizing was ever on the table but the views are severely reduced nowadays and I feel better with “just” sticking to presenting my particular, always evolving focus in writing. 

Skipping the video portion to make more time for research for my personal archives or podcast-research, I’m also not the youngest person anymore and I’m taking my off hours, my down time a bit more seriously nowadays. Because I have to. But deducting one piece of creativity in a way adds more creativity and that ensures my happiness through and through. Have a guess what my favourite C-word is. Thank you if you ever watched these basic video reviews and I hope you’ll still stick around for the main- and quick take-reviews.

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