Christmas and New Years Eve at the Podcast On Fire Network!


For Podcast On Fire 231, I gather Stewart Sutherland, Todd Stadtman, Paul Quinn and Paul Fox for the end of year chat covering a variety of topics including charity, Christmas creature features, Korea’s big year in cinema, lackluster remakes OF Korean movies and when there’s no more Hong Kong Christmas movies, let’s talk Lunar New Year ones instead!

On This Week In Sleaze 49, it’s a haunting New Year’s Eve with Charlie Cho and friends as we see in LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS and its feeble excuse to center a sex movie about a real life NYE tragedy. Dark Charlie also comes out for the hostess drama MIDNIGHT. Click images or links below to access the shows!

Podcast On Fire 231: 2016 Christmas Special

This Week In Sleaze 49: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Midnight & Lan Kwai Fong Swingers

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