Latest trio of shows from the Podcast On Fire Network!


Due to computer issues, episodes have not been promoted on here during the Autumn but I do recommend going to and checking out the grand finale to The Ekin Hour, The Director’s Series is back and this time covers a filmmaking team and life partners in one. But am here to promote the year end shows, starting with the annual Podcast On Fire Christmas Special that features a chat session about writing books, making audio commentaries and the best out Of Korean cinema in 2019. Also on This Week In Sleaze, Charlie Cho turns into a dog and is forced to have sex with ghosts. It’s a Christmas… mircale? Click the images or links below to access the shows!

Podcast On Fire 289: 2019 Christmas Special

This Week In Sleaze 60: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Return Of The Demon & The Pretty Ghostress Story

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